‘A captivating history lesson with global appeal.’

- Variety

‘Such an involving documentary for so many reasons it’s hard to know where to begin.’

- LA Times

'The biggest eye-opener of Tribeca 2018'

- Film Journal

'This geekily funny doc inspires big dreams at every turn.’

- Time Out (Top 10 of Tribeca 2018)

'Poignant, entertaining and full of life lessons from the small and personal to the universal.’

- Forbes

‘‘Gripping material, deftly edited, ‘General Magic’ is remarkable’'

- Barrons

'A fascinating look at what it means to fail, and whether a failure that changed the world is really a failure at all.'

- Apple Insider

‘General Magic is a reminder of how compelling stories about technology can be.'

- The Verge

‘Engrossing for anyone interested in how we got here.’ (LA Weekly)

‘Thought-provoking and worth the ride’ (New Times SLO )

‘‘Tech nerds everywhere should rejoice at General Magic’ (MXDWN)

'Copious amounts of fascinating behind-the-scenes footage illustrating the youthful energy and passion fueling the enterprise' (The Hollywood Reporter)

‘It’s all informative, but the biggest kick is giggling at the key players’ startlingly accurate predictions of the kind of world we’re now living in' (Village Voice)

'General Magic—how tech superfriends assembled, dreamt up smartphones, and failed' (Ars Technica)

'7 design lessons from Silicon Valley’s most important failure'
(Fast Company)

'Before Apple’s iPhone There Was General Magic' (Barron's)

'“General Magic” captures the legendary Apple offshoot that foresaw the mobile revolution' (Fast Company)

'At premiere of General Magic doc, tech icons consider the future' (CNET)

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