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Philadelphia Film Festival

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

Washington West Film Festival

Milwaukee Film Festival

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27th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival

Denver Film Festival

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Previous Theatrical Engagements

Laemmle Music Hall, Los Angeles - May 10 - 16
The Roxie, San Francisco (May 16 - 30)

Anchorage, AK - Bear Tooth Theatrepub (May 13)
Atlanta, GA - Studio Movie Grill Holcomb (May 20, Two-Nights)
Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center (May 10, One-Week)
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX - Studio Movie Grill Arlington Lincoln Square (May 20, Two-Nights)
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX - Studio Movie Grill The Colony (May 20, Two-Nights)
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX - Studio Movie Grill Dallas Royal Lane (May 20, Two-Nights)
Detroit, MI - Cinema Detroit (May 31 - June 6)
Gainesville, FL - Hippodrome Theatre (May 10, One-Week)
Grand Rapids, MI - Celeb Grand Rapids Woodland (May 10, One-Week)
Houston, TX - 14 Pews (May 11)
Kissimmee, FL - Studio Movie Grill Sunset Walk (May 20, Two-Nights)
Little Rock-Pine Bluff, AK - Pines Mall 8 (May 10, One-Week)
Milwaukee, WI - Oriental Theatre (May 17, One-Week)
New Orleans, LA - The Broad Theater (May 10, One-Week)
New York - City Center 15: Cinema De Lux with IMAX (May 15)
New York - Island 16 (May 15)
Orlando, FL - The Villages (May 10, One-Week)
portland, OR - Hollywood Theatre (June 3)
Providence, RI - Providence Place 16 with IMAX (May 15)
Redlands, CA - Studio Movie Grill Redlands (May 20, Two-Nights)
Sacramento, CA - Studio Movie Grill Rocklins (May 20, Two-Nights)
Simi Valley, CA - Studio Movie Grill Simi Valley (May 20, Two-Nights)
Tampa/St Pete, FL - Studio Movie Grill Seminole (May 20, Two-Nights)